Pilates am Achensee    

Special packages

Trial Offer (1 + 1 Hour Free):
First-time visitors enjoy our special introductory rate. For your initial two hours (1+1), the total cost is just 60 Euros. Allow some extra time during the first hour as we focus on setting mutual goals and conducting a thorough body analysis.

10-Session Package (10 + 1 Hour Free):
Solo Training: 550 Euros per person.¹
Duo Training: 600 Euros (rate covers 2 participants).¹

5-Session Package:
Solo Training: 260 Euros per person.¹
Duo Training: 280 Euros (rate covers 2 participants).¹

1 Due to the small business status according to § 19 UStG we do not charge sales tax and therefore do not show this.